A great search engine optimisation (SEO) company always spends time working with the client to ascertain exactly who their customers are, who they would like them to be, and exactly what the business offers.

Only then can any decisions and progress be made.  This is why it is important to use a local SEO expert who can help you exploit the potential in the local environment.

To get started with SEO we make sure that your website is fully optimised.  We can either design you the entire site, or work with improving what you already have in place.  Sometimes this has been woefully neglected by the initial website creator.

You need to make sure that your site has a unique keyword rich title on each page, and that each page has a keyword rich description (about 160 characters) in the <head> section.

Each page should also have a <h1> tag - a header with keywords in it.  Also use H2 and H3 tags in the same way.

Make sure your site is full of great content.  Search engines can't read pictures or images and if there aren't enough words on the page about a relevant subject then they won't think that you are a useful website for users.

Get links to your website, not just the home page, but also internal pages.  Also link your pages internally, from one to another and send the search engines crawling round your entire site.

Hemel Hempstead web designers can help you will all aspects of SEO, or manage the entire process for you.

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